e01 terrified

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e01 terrified

What triggered my climate denial bubble to burst? I feel compelled to share this personal experience, in the hope that it might help others who are also struggling with the current sustainability crisis and searching for a path forward…

Claude Schryer

This episode is an audio version of my May 2019 blog, terrified

terrified is the touchstone of conscient, where I share my anxiety about the climate crisis and my belief that arts and culture can play a critical role in raising public awareness about environmental issues and to move from awareness to action.  

terrified centers around our 17-year-old daughter’s choice of university and her generation’s struggle with the consequences of the climate emergency. 

I quote 7 writers in this blog and I want to acknowledge them: Mayer Hillman, Paola Antonelli, Greta Thunberg, Emily Johnston, George Marshall, Joan Sullivan and Richard Wagamese. 

Future episodes of conscient will feature audio essays, such as this one, or interviews with arts, culture and environmental leaders from around the world. 

For more information on conscient go to http://www.conscient.ca, where you will also find a copy of terrified blog.

Une version française de cette émission est également disponible, voir l’épisode 2 de conscient.

I would like to thank podcast consultant Ayesha Barmania, artist and climate change writer Joan Sullivan, my wife Sabrina Mathews, my daughter Clara and my son Riel for their support.

Thanks also to Danielle Boutet, who did the French translation of terrified.

Thank you for listening. 

Claude Schryer

Note: Voir é02 éveil pour la version française de ce podcast.


  1. Claude, Thank you for _Conscient_ and underlining Art’s relationship to Community and Survival.
    _Terrified_ also calls to mind work on _Grief Literacy_ (From a recent presentation by groups out of McGill and uOttawa)…”to empower individuals, networks and communities to support the bereaved among us with everyday acts of kindness and compassion. For greater grief literacy, change needs to occur at all levels. … for many a salient social response is community-based acknowledgment and validation.
    I completely understand your daughter’s point of view; having felt that way about the direction of my own practice for decades, now 100% within a complex-care setting as Bruyère Artist in Residence

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