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Welcome to the conscient podcast / balado conscient web site.

The conscient podcast / balado conscient is a bilingual series of conversations about arts, conscience and the ecological crisis.

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The second season of the conscient podcast / balado conscient was launched on March 18, 2021 and is about accepting reality, working through ecological grief and charting a path forward. 

On April 16, I published e24 weaving, my conversation with artist jil p. weaving about community-engaged arts, public art, the importance of the local, etc.

on April 14, I published e23 appadurai, my ‘soundwalk’ conversation with climate activist Anjali Appadurai about the just transition and the role of the arts in the climate emergency.

On April 8, I published e22 westerkamp, my second conversation of season 2 with composer and listener Hildegard Westerkamp about acoustic ecology and the climate crisis.

On April 3, I published e21 dufresne, my conversation with philosopher Dr. Todd Dufresne about reality, grief, art and the climate crisis.

I invite you to view this 3 minute overview of the e19 reality episode :

You can read the episodes notes here and listen to the complete episode below:

e19 reality
e19 reality

To hear, Where do we go from here?, a 1 minute composition from this excerpt of e19 reality:

‘I now see, and more importantly, I now feel in my bones, the ‘state of things as they actually exist’ without social filters or unsustainable stories.  So where do we go from here?’

e19 reality minute 40
Where do we go from here? (composed on March 21 2021)

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