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Welcome to the conscient podcast / balado conscient web site.

The conscient podcast / balado conscient is a bilingual series of conversations about arts, conscience and the ecological crisis.

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The second season of the conscient podcast / balado conscient was launched on March 18, 2021 and is about accepting reality, working through ecological grief and charting a path forward. 

Recent activities and publications:

  • June 4, é37 lebeau, my conversation with Écoscéno co-founder and executive director Anne-Catherine Lebeau on collaboration, circular economies, the role of art in the climate crisis, moving from ‘Take Make Waste’ to ‘Care Dare Share’ and creating regenerative art.
  • June 1, e36 fanconi, my conversation with theatre artist and art-climate activist  Kendra Fanconi, artistic director of The Only Animal about the role of the arts in the climate emergency, carbon positive work, collaboration and artists mobilization.
  • May 31, I published e35 salas, my conversation with Spanish curator + producer Carmen Salas on reality, ecogrief, artists & the climate crisis, arts strategies, curating and her article Shifting Paradigms
  • May 24, I published é34 ramade, my conversation (in French) with art historian, critic, curator and art and environment expert Bénédicte Ramade on the climate emergency, nature, music, visual arts, ecological art, etc.
  • May 21, I published e33 toscano, my conversation podcaster and artist Peterson Toscano about the role of the arts in the climate crisis, LGBTQ+ issues, religion, the wonders of podcasting, impacts, storytelling, performance art, etc. 
  • May 20, I published é32 tsou, my conversation (in French) with musician and cultural diplomacy advisor Shuni Tsou about citizen engagement, cultural action, the ecological crisis, arts education, social justice, systemic change, equity, etc,
  • May 13, I published e31 morrow, my conversation with composer, sound artist, performer, and innovator Charlie Morrow about the origins of the conscient podcast, music, acoustic ecology, art and climate, health, hope and artists as journalists. 
  • May 12, I published e30 maggs, my conversation with cultural theorist David Maggs about artistic capacity, sustainability, value propositions, disruption, recovery, etc.
  • May 8, I published e29 loy, my conversation with professor, writer and Zen teacher David Loy about the bodhisattva path, the role of storytelling, interdependence, nonduality and the notion of ‘hope’ through a Buddhist lens.
  • May 5, I published show notes May 5, 2021
  • May 1, I published é28 ung (in French), my conversation with educator and philosopher Jimmy Ung about the notion of privilege, resilience, the role of the arts in facilitating intercultural dialogue and learning, education, social justice, etc. 
  • April 26, I published é27 prévost (in French), my conversation with sound artist, musician and radio producer Hélène Prévost about the state of the world and the role of artists in the ecological crisis.
  • April 23, I gave a workshop at the BEAST FeAST 2021: Recalibration festival on Reality, Extinction, Grief and Art. You can see all of the festival presentations here: BEAST YouTube channel.
  • April 23, I published e26 klein, my conversation with climate emergency activist Seth Klein about his book A Good War : Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, the newly formed  Climate Emergency Unit and his challenge to artists to help rally us to this cause
  • April 21, I published e25 shaw, my conversation with Australian climate activist Michael Shaw about support structures for ecogrief and the role of art.
  • April 21, published the April 21 ‘show notes
  • April 16, I published e24 weaving, my conversation with artist jil p. weaving about community-engaged arts, public art, the importance of the local, etc.
  • April 14, I published e23 appadurai, my ‘soundwalk’ conversation with climate activist Anjali Appadurai about the just transition and the role of the arts in the climate emergency.
  • April 8, I published e22 westerkamp, my second conversation of season 2 with composer and listener Hildegard Westerkamp about acoustic ecology and the climate crisis.
  • April 3, I published e21 dufresne, my conversation with philosopher Dr. Todd Dufresne about reality, grief, art and the climate crisis.
  • April 2, I published the April 2 ‘show notes
  • March 18, published first ‘show notes’ : Launch of season 2 of the conscient podcast
  • March 18, published e19 reality and é20 réalité (see below)

I invite you to view this 3 minute overview of the e19 reality episode :

You can read the episodes notes here and listen to the complete episode below:

e19 reality
e19 reality

To hear, Where do we go from here?, a 1 minute composition from this excerpt of e19 reality:

‘I now see, and more importantly, I now feel in my bones, the ‘state of things as they actually exist’ without social filters or unsustainable stories.  So where do we go from here?’

e19 reality minute 40
Where do we go from here? (composed on March 21 2021)

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