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Note: October 19, 2020 : I have completed season 1 of the conscient : art & environment blog and podcast and am taking a break as outlined in my pause blog. I will be back during the spring of 2021 with season 2. Thanks Claude Schryer


I acknowledge that I live and work in the unceded and unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation, whose presence in the Ottawa region reaches back to time immemorial. This acknowledgement is also a commitment.


Welcome to the conscient web site that houses the conscient blog (in English), the blogue conscient (en francais) as well as the conscient podcast (in English or French), all of which are available by free subscription.


I am a composer and arts administrator.

The term “conscient” is defined as “being aware of one’s surroundings, thoughts and motivations”. 

With this intention in mind, the goal of conscient is to explore how the arts and culture contribute to environmental awareness and action. 

Note: This goal might change as conscient evolves.  

The touchstone for conscient is terrified, an essay I wrote in May 2019, where I share my anxiety about the climate crisis and my belief that arts and culture can play a critical role in raising public awareness about environmental issues. 

conscient follows up on my (2016–2019) project which produced 175, 3-minute audio and video field recordings that explore mindful listening.

conscient’s carbon footprint

I am aware of the many privileges we have as Canadian citizens and I acknowledge that the production of conscient creates carbon. 

I try to minimize this carbon footprint by being as efficient as possible, including using GreenGeeks as my web server and acquiring carbon offsets for my equipment and travel activities from BullFrog Power and Less.

links to other activities by Claude Schryer

Sustainability in the Cultural Sector (video of a panel on culture and SDG as part of Together-Ensemble conference) My presentation is @32 minutes


Terrified awakening — sound artist Claude Schryer talks about art, climate grief and hope

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Claude Schryer on ElectroCD


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This web site was developed in collaboration with Ayesha Barmania.

Thanks to everyone who has supported conscient

Claude Schryer

May 2020 (updated in October 2020)