e105 rope – how did this episode make you feel?

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I had a dream about an episode without words and interlaced 30 second ‘spacings’ of a rope being tugged by a boat with 30 seconds of silence. 


This recording is a rope holding a boat to the dock at Toronto Harbour on November 26th, 2022. 

Sketches by Sabrina Mathews.





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Responses to “e105 rope – how did this episode make you feel?”

  1. Kelly and lychee Avatar
    Kelly and lychee

    I listened to this with my 12 year old daughter. In the beginning, we felt the sound inside our bodies and then like we were in a cavern under the ocean and finally emerging above ground at the end, with the sound of the wind and people talking.

    1. Claude Schryer Avatar

      Thanks for your response! I’m glad you had such an interesting journey with these sounds and silences. I can relate to feeling inside the sound, caved in and finally emerging into the air! My intention wiht e105 rope was to have a series of ‘spaced out’ versions of the rope followed by the real sound which provides a contrast but also an opportunity to reflect upon what the creaking feels like, including a sensation of relief.

  2. Hildegard Westerkamp Avatar

    Time seemed to slow down significantly. It had a calming effect. The sound of the rope also re-connected me to your earlier podcast (e101) about tension. Calm and tension in one!

    1. Claude Schryer Avatar

      Thx. Interesting how we’ve perceive time. I was listening (ebook) to James Bridle’s Ways of Being book (highly recommended) yesterday about different ways to measure and experience time in various civilizations…

      I find time at the cottage is always longer. The sun and weather dictates the pace of the day.

      You’re right that e101 tension and e105 rope both try to stretch time. My hope is that if we feel time and space more carefully we might realize that we’re running out of it, in terms of the climate emergency.

      On the other hand France Trépanier in e104 time reminds us this horrific colonial period is but a ‘very small moment in a much larger space’…

      How can we transition out of this very short period of self-destruction (modernity)?

      You’ve suggested yourself in e22 that we need to ‘slow down through listening’ so let’s do that, in whichever form of time works for each individual, while we collectively pick up the pace on stopping our self-destruction…

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