e125 observer – how do you respond to climate news?

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I take stock of climate news by reading the headlines of the excellent daily newspaper, national observer, for example, on Tuesday April 25th, 2023 these were the headlines : 

‘We might have a coverup problem’: MPs grill Alberta Energy Regulator CEO over oil sands tailings leaks’.

(sound of dripping and filtering from simplesoundscapes e34 goutte)

‘Meet the man turning mushrooms into meat’

(quiet field with crickets)

‘How the pandemic challenged libertarianism’

(crowd at protest)

‘Tide-powered clean energy could help West Coast communities ditch diesel’

(beach in Cuba and truck in Ottawa)

‘Hands off the Greenbelt rally turns up heat on Ford government’

(Anti-Ford government greenbelt policy rally in Ottawa)

‘A wake-up call to oilsands industry to ensure that all necessary measures are in place to prevent future wildlife tragedies’

(loon at lake in Papineau-Labelle reserve and coyotes in Mono, Ontario)

‘Shocking new federal research reveals Alberta oilsands may be vastly underestimating greenhouse gas emissions’

(hiss of gas meter in Ottawa, pavement machine in Ottawa, drone of ferry in Vancouver)

‘What How to Blow up a Pipeline won’t teach you’

(Lynn Canyon forest, North Vancouver)

How do you respond to climate news?


This episode involves my reading the headlines of the National Observer newspaper on Tuesday April 25th, 2023 accompanied by field recording from my collection. 

I am grateful and accountable to the earth and the human labour that provided me with the privilege of producing this episode. (including all the toxic materials and extractive processes behind the computers, recorders, transportation and infrastructure that make this podcast possible).

My gesture of reciprocity for this episode is to the National Observer news service.





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