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I really believe that what we call arts in this culture now, its role is to inform, form and transform the nature of cultures in relation with the world.  I think that’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about work that addresses the climate crisis.

beth carruthers, conscient podcast, October 2019, ottawa

Beth Carruthers is an artist and researcher whose work focuses on studying the impact of the arts across sectors to see how they can become more engaged with sustainable futures. 

Beth Carruthers’ work is immersed in questions of how cultural practices and sensuous, embodied human-environment and interspecies interactions might lead to more ethically sensitive and ecologically just human-world and interspecies relations.

Beth is known for her work investigating the role and impact of the arts in transforming “cultures of unsustainability” to cultures of sustainability.

Beth wishes to acknowledge her good colleague Sacha Kagan for the term, “culture(s) of unsustainability” and for his excellent discussion of François Julien’s “silent transformations” in the context of ecological art. 

I spoke with Beth in October 2019 in Ottawa.




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