e09 mcmahon – watching things drop away

conscient podcast / balado conscient
conscient podcast / balado conscient
e09 mcmahon - watching things drop away

It’s like this critter, this virus, this nature, has moved in to this realm of culture and we’re watching things drop away that we created and use to define ourselves as human, versus animal: this little virus is just going Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing these aren’t real.

Ellen McMahon, CCL USA, March, 2020

(episode 2 of 10 in Creative Climate Leadership USA Series)

Creative Climate Leadership USA  was developed by Julie’s Bicycle, an international  leader in arts, culture and climate change based in London (led by Alison Tickell) and brought together 25 arts and culture leaders from the US and Canada to Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona from March 8-14, 2020 thanks to a collaboration of EcoArts Connections, the University of Arizona and the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence  (CEUCE) based at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Ellen McMahon is a Professor in the School of Art and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Throughout her career she has utilized a range of media to investigate the relationship between visual art, daily life, and social and environmental issues.

Fueled by her conviction that art and design are foundational in effecting positive change, a majority of her projects are interdisciplinary, collaborative, and socially engaged. 


Creative Climate Leadership USA  a été développé par Julie’s Bicycle, un leader international des arts, de la culture et du changement climatique basé à Londres (dirigé par Alison Tickell) et a rassemblé 25 leaders des arts et de la culture des États-Unis et du Canada à Biosphere 2 à Oracle, Arizona du 8 au 14 mars 2020 grâce à une collaboration entre EcoArts Connections, la University of Arizona et le Colorado European Union Center of Excellence  (CEUCE) basé à l’Université du Colorado-Boulder.

Ellen McMahon est professeur à la School of Art et doyenne associée pour la recherche au College of Fine Arts de l’Université de l’Arizona à Tucson.

Tout au long de sa carrière, elle a utilisé divers médias pour étudier la relation entre l’art visuel, la vie quotidienne et les questions sociales et environnementales.

Animée par sa conviction que l’art et le design sont essentiels pour apporter des changements positifs, la majorité de ses projets sont interdisciplinaires, collaboratifs et socialement engagés.