e10 mwase – expanding consciousness

conscient podcast / balado conscient
conscient podcast / balado conscient
e10 mwase - expanding consciousness

Art is a practice of expanding consciousness, which gives us a tremendous opportunity to explore and to embody possibility and to engage with the earth as it continues to change and with each other.

Rebecca Mwase, excerpt from an interview at Creative Climate Leadership USA, March, 2020

(episode 3 of 10 in Creative Climate Leadership USA Series)

Creative Climate Leadership USA  was developed by Julie’s Bicycle, an international  leader in arts, culture and climate change based in London (led by Alison Tickell) and brought together 25 arts and culture leaders from the US and Canada to Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona from March 8-14, 2020 thanks to a collaboration of EcoArts Connections, the University of Arizona and the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence  (CEUCE) based at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Rebecca Mwase (they/she) is a Zimbabwean-American theater and performance artist, consultant, and cultural organizer working at the intersection of art and social justice.

They craft performance, processes, workshops and curriculum that investigate the possibilities for embodied revolution.

Her work creates spaces to reckon with and release the impacts of oppression while deepening a sense of connection and belonging. 

Photo of Rebecca Mwase by Melisa Cardona.


Creative Climate Leadership USA  a été développé par Julie’s Bicycle, un leader international des arts, de la culture et du changement climatique basé à Londres (dirigé par Alison Tickell) et a rassemblé 25 leaders des arts et de la culture des États-Unis et du Canada à Biosphere 2 à Oracle, Arizona du 8 au 14 mars 2020 grâce à une collaboration entre EcoArts Connections, la University of Arizona et le Colorado European Union Center of Excellence  (CEUCE) basé à l’Université du Colorado-Boulder.

Rebecca Mwase (they/she) est une artiste de théâtre et de performance zimbabwéenne-américaine, consultante et organisatrice culturelle qui travaille à l’intersection de l’art et de la justice sociale.

Ils élaborent des performances, des processus, des ateliers et des programmes d’études qui étudient les possibilités de révolution incarnée.

Son travail crée des espaces pour prendre en compte et libérer les impacts de l’oppression tout en approfondissant le sentiment de connexion et d’appartenance.

La photo deRebecca Mwase est par Melisa Cardona.