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I think capitalism is over, but the problem is we have nothing to replace it with. Here’s when we need artists, and others, to tell us what kind of vision they have for a future that is different than that: a future of play and meaningful work would be one future that I think is not just utopic, but very possible. So there’s a possible future moving forward that could be much better than it is right now, but we’re not going to get there without democracy of suffering as we’re experiencing it now and will at least over the next 20, 30, 40 years until we figure this out, but we need to figure it out quickly.

Dr. Todd Dufresne, conscient podcast, April 1, 2021,

Dr. Todd Dufresne is Professor of Philosophy at Lakehead University who specializes in Critical Freud Studies and is author or editor of 12 books. 

I first heard about Dr Dufresne’s most recent book, The Democracy of Suffering, on CBC Radio Ideas during the fall of 2020. I was impressed, upset and energized by the book. I used the following quote by Dr. Dufresne in e19 reality :

We’re all being “radicalized by reality.” It’s just that for some people it takes a personal experience of fire, landslide, or hurricane to get their attention. I’m afraid it takes mass death and extinction.

Whoever survives these experiences will have a renewed appreciation for nature, for the external world, and for the necessity of collectivism in the face of mass extinction. There’s hope in this — although I admit it’s wrapped in ugliness.

Dr. Todd Dufresne, For the Love of Wisdom: Climate Change and the Revenge of History

Our conversation covered a range of issues in and around reality and grief, from the philosophical to the pragmatic, including the unique role of arts and culture. 

For more information on Todd Dufresne see: https://todddufresne.com/about-todd/




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