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Ben Twist at Creative Carbon Scotland talks about the transformation from a Culture of Consumerism to a Culture of Stewardship, and we are the culture makers, so isn’t that our job right now to make a new culture? And it will take all of us as artists together to do that…  It’s not enough to do carbon neutral work. We want to do carbon positive work. We want our artwork to be involved with ecological restoration. What does that mean? I’ve been thinking a lot about that. What is theatre practice that actually gives back, that makes something more sustainable? That is carbon positive? I guess that’s a conversation that I’m hoping to have in the future with other theatre makers who have that vision.

kendra fanconi, conscient podcast, April 19, 2021, British Columbia

I’ve known Kendra for many years, first through her work with Radix Theatre then as an arts and environment advocate in the community, notably through The Only Animal, which she co-founded in 2005 and which has created over 30 shows that ‘take theatre places it has never gone before’. I’ve always admired Kendra’s vision, her calm demeanour, her strategic mind, and deep commitment to environment issues, as you’ll hear on our conversation, which recorded remotely between Ottawa and her home on the Sunshine Coast. 

As I did with all episodes this season, I have integrated excerpts from previous episodes in this case, from e19 reality in this episode. 

I would like to thank Kendra for taking the time to speak with me, for sharing her deep knowledge of arts and environment practices, her generosity of spirit and her passion for the mobilization of artists in climate emergency. 

For more information on Kendra’s work, see https://www.theonlyanimal.com/

Kendra in the field…




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