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The role of artists and culture is fundamental and so necessary, and we need so much more of it and not only on the side. The role of arts and culture in societal and civilizational change right now needs to be much more integral into, yes, artworks and imagination – helping us to culturally co-produce how we live and work together into the future and that means art works – but it also means artists’ perspectives into much more mainstream institutions, ideas, and thoughts about how change occurs.

jayne engle, conscient podcast, april 17, 2021, montréal

Dr. Jayne Engle is Director of Cities & Places at the McConnell Foundation and Adjunct Professor at McGill University. She’s worked in participatory city planning, urban revitalization, and economic and real estate development in North America and Europe. She is passionate about bridging innovative local action on the ground with policy and systems change. Among her many activities include : Civic-Indigenous 7.0, RegX and Legitimacities, Participatory Cities Canada, Civic.Capital, Future Cities Canada, and the EmergencERoom.

I first met Jayne in February 2020 at TP3, a strategic gathering in Waterloo, ON convened by the McConnell Foundation and Tamarack Institute to create a coalition of organizations to address the climate crisis, (including through the arts). Jayne and I been exchanging about arts, cities and spiritual practices ever since.  

On Saturday, April 17, 2021, we went for a walk up Mont Royal in Montréal and recorded this conversation while doing a ‘soundwalk’. 

As I did with all episodes this season, I have integrated content from e19 reality in this episode. 

I would like to thank Jayne for taking the time to speak with me, for sharing her deep knowledge of urban issues, her spiritual beliefs and her insights on the role that arts and culture can play in societal and civilizational transformation. 

For more information on Jayne’s work, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayneengle/




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