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There is a lot of awareness and interest in making change and yet change still isn’t really happening, at least not at the pace or scale that we need. It feels to me increasingly like there’s not a lack of awareness, nor a lack of concern, or even a lack of willingness, but actually a lack of agency. I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of arts, and culture and creative practice in helping people not just wake up to the need for change, but actually undergo the entire transformational process from that moment of waking up (which you and I share a language around Buddhist practice). There’s that idea that you can wake up in an instant but integrating the awakeness into your daily life is actually a process. It’s an ongoing thing.

alexis frasz, conscient podcast, May 6, 2021, Oakland

Alexis Frasz is a researcher, writer, strategic thinker, program designer, and advisor to partners in culture, philanthropy, and the environmental sector working for transformative change and a just transition. Alexis believes in the need to build solidarity between artists and culture and broader movements working for racial, ecological, and economic justice. She is co-director of Helicon Collab, an Oakland based consultancy, where her focus is on the intersection of culture and the environment. Her perspectives on systems change draws on her artistic practices and diverse background in anthropology, Chinese Medicine, permaculture, and Buddhism. 

I first met Alexis at Creative Climate Leadership USA, a learning and leadership exchange focused on developing creative responses for a new climate future, that took place in March 2020. Alexis was a faculty member and advisor. Since then, we have been exchanging by email about community-engaged arts, Buddhism, leadership and more.  

I was honoured that Alexis accepted my invitation for a conscient conversation, which was recorded on May 6, 2021, remotely between my home in Ottawa and Alexis’ home in Oakland, California,  

As I did with all episodes this season, I have integrated excerpts from previous episodes in this case, from e19 reality in this episode. 

I would like to thank Alexis for taking the time to speak with me, for sharing her deep knowledge of socially engaged arts, leadership, education and strategic thought.

For more information on Alexis’ work, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexis-frasz-59183a1/

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