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I think going forward, there’s a lot that the arts can do. Philosophically art is one of the only places that we can still ask these questions, play out politics and negotiate ideas. Further, art isn’t about communicating climate disaster, art is about creating space for people to think through some of these issues.

dr. marnie badham, conscient podcast, may 13, 2021, australia

With a twenty-five-year history of art and social justice in Australia and Canada, Dr. Marnie Badham’s research sits at the intersection of socially-engaged art practice, participatory methodologies and the politics of cultural measurement. Through aesthetic forms of encounter and exchange, her work brings together disparate groups of people in dialogue to examine and affect local issues. Her current focus includes a series of creative cartographies registering emotions in public space; expanded curation projects on the aesthetics and politics of food; and a book project The Social Life of Artist Residencies: connecting with people and place not your own.  Marnie is Senior Research Fellow at the School of Art and co-leader for CAST (contemporary art and social transformation) research group and CVIN Cultural Value Impact Network at RMIT University in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. 

I first met Marnie when she was General Manager of Common Weal Community Arts in Regina. She was passionate articulate about community-engaged arts then and still is today. I have often turned to Marnie for advice on arts policy issues and was honoured when she accepted my invitation for a conscient conversation. 

As I have done in all episodes in season 2 so far, I have integrated excerpts from soundscape compositions and quotations drawn from e19 reality, as well as moments of silence, in this episode.

I would like to thank Marnie for taking the time to speak with me, for sharing her deep knowledge of community arts, her innumerable research projects and her insights about art as a collective space to think through complex issue. 

For more information on Marnie work, see https://www.marrniebadham.com

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