e84 viviane gosselin + mauro vescera of the museum of vancouver

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My conversation with Viviane Gosselin, Director of Collections & Exhibitions, Curator of Contemporary Culture and Mauro Vescera, Chief Executive Officer of the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) about greening their operations and addressing the climate emergency and issues of climate justice through exhibitions.  

I worked with Mauro in 2006 on the Art in Ecology – A Think Tank on Arts and Sustainability and was happy to reconnect and learn about his leadership of this institution. I met Viviane through SCALE, the Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency, notably on the Education working group and was impressed by her passion for the environment and institutional engagement on the climate emergency.

This conversation was recorded in 3 spaces: office, collections and exhibitions. I learned about the MOV’s 4 engagement priorities (redress and decolonization, immigration and diversity, environment and sustainability and urban and contemporary issues) and how they are greening their operations and addressing climate change and climate justice through their exhibitions.  

Viviane also spoke about her work with the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice

Mauro and Viviane in the MOV collection, November 15, 2021
Exhibition at MOV, November 15, 2021
Exhibition at MOV, November 15, 2021
Entrance of MOV, November 15, 2021

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