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Audio version of reset (read by Claude Schryer)

… to set again, or differently.

Many cultural bloggers are exploring recovery strategies from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some aspire to restore (to bring back) while others aim to reset

I lean towards reset, given our urgent collective need to address climate change with a #justrecoveryforall.

Imaginative radicality is required, given that c-19 is a prelude of much deeper troubles to come…

This being said, we must all contribute in our own way and follow our own path.

I want to reset my own life first. 

As a practionner of zen, this means releasing usual states, thoughts, feelings and storylines that clutter my ability to live and act fully in this moment.

Here is my plan…

When I turned 50 in 2010, I took 50 days off work and burned or recycled about 80% of my personal and professional papers and archives (see I took 50 days off when I turned 50).

As the sun rose on the horizon of the 51st day I knew that my 50 days off marked a turning point in my life, an opportunity to let go and move on’.

I simplified my life and let go of the unnecessary. I continue this filtering process today.

Burning of archives, January 8, 2010, Duhamel, Québec

A partial reset.

On September 15, 2020, at 60, I will retire from the Canada Council for the Arts (after 21 great years, for which I am very thankful) and will take 6 months to reset.  

6 months at 60.

A full reset.

During this period, I will widen family and community connections, deepen my zen practice, address personal health issues and follow my spirit.

conscient: art & environment logo

I will also work on conscient : art & environment blog and podcast (how the arts and culture contribute to environmental awareness and action) but mostly, I will sit, observe, listen and learn how to know.

I’ll reset, but not disengage.

I’ll try not to worry about the passing of arbitrary markers of time nor the entrapments of artificial systems. 

Rather, I’ll take on one thing at a time, one moment at a time, and see where it goes.

 one thing at a time

 one moment at a time

 following my path

Thank you, please keep in touch and take good care.

Published by Claude Schryer

Franco Ontarian sound and media artist, arts administrator, cultural worker, zen practionner, former manager and senior strategic advisor at Canada Council for the Arts (1999-2020)

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