show notes April 2 2021

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Where do we go from here? (60 second composition from e19 reality)
  1. I realize now – as season 2 of the conscient podcast unfolds – that creating e19 reality has been a cathartic and transformative experience for me. I keep thinking about Where do we go from here? (see audio clip above). I’m also thinking about privilege, unconscious bias and access.
  2. I’ve received valuable feedback so far about e19 reality. Much appreciated. One person kindly mentioned that e19 was ‘a cross between a meditation, a news report and pure art’. Issues raised by listeners include: working through the daunting number of ideas and information about climate change, acknowledging the reality that males are leading the destruction of our planet and dealing with the cognitive dissonance of consuming our world to death.
  3. I’ve been listening to other podcasts about environmental issues : Outrage and Optimism, CBC Radio’s What on Earth, Zen Studies Podcast, CBC Radio Ideas, etc. This week, I recommend episode 302 from Green Dreamer featuring eco-communitarian anarchist writer, activist, and educator John Clark, which explores the idea of earth as a conscient being. It sent a shiver up my spine. 
  4. I’m now recording 2-3 conversations a week and will be publishing new episodes, in French or in English, as they become available. Coming next are philosopher Dr. Todd Dufresne (my first remote recording using Squadcast), composer Hildegard Westerkamp, activist Anjali Appadurai, cultural worker Jil Weaving, musician David Maggs and many more (eco grief specialists, indigenous artists, zen teachers, etc). Please stay tuned.

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