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Hello conscient listener

I realise that most people do not have time or the inclination to read my conscient podcast ‘show notes’. I get it, as I don’t usually have time to read the musings of other podcasters either and yet they are a useful part of my ‘learning journey’ as I get to ‘think out loud’ without reserve. It also serves as a journal for me to look back at how my thinking is evolving over time.

On April 8, 2021 I published e22 westerkamp, followed by e23 appadurai, e24 weaving and 25 shaw today, April 21. See .

Here are some of my learnings: 

  • Hildegard Westerkamp reinforced listening, both physically and metaphorically, is at the heart of our collective future. 
  • My conversation with Anjali Appadurai brought awakening to new perspectives about the roots of the ecological crisis, our search for a northern star, our disconnection with nature, what a just transition might look like
  • jil p. weaving reminded me of the power of community-engaged art, the long road to reconciliation wiht indigenous peoples, arts and healing and the importance of the local. 
  • Michael Shaw taught me about compassion and how to approach ecological anxiety and grief

I’m continuing my series of conversations in the coming weeks at a fast pace. The energy is there so I’ll go on until it does not feel right. I already am having creative ideas for the first episode season 3 around the theme of ‘creative refuge’. 

I’ll be publishing the first French language episode of this season soon.

Finally, you might also have noticed that I changed my podcast slogan to art + conscience + ecological crisis = #conscientpodcast. I tried to put in personalized sentence form such as ‘my learning journey about the ecological crisis through arts and culture’ but it did not work so I went for the four key words that are the touchstone of this project : art, conscience, ecological, crisis plus a new hashtag to help track the podcast. 

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