show notes May 5, 2021

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Hi there conscient listener, 

I published é28 ung today, the 9th episode of this season (2nd on French), with many more in the pipe. 

My energy is good and I seem to be achieving my goal for season 2, which is to create a varied repertoire of knowledge about accepting reality and working through ecological grief.

My biggest discovery so far in season 2 is that most people ‘don’t want to know more’ about the climate emergency, however, for those who do, I’m honoured to hear that you enjoy listening to the conscient conversations.

I think Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the EU commission, got it right when he said, in the 30 April 2021 edition of The Guardian, that ‘if don’t fix this, our children will be waging wars over water and food’.

This reality is tough to face up to. 

The ecological grieving runs deep. 

My conclusion is that our best option is to prepare future generations for what is to come, each in our own way.

That’s the path. 

I will publish a ‘what I learned’ episode at the end of this season. It helps me to write these things down.

I’m thinking that season 3 might be about activist art projects, however a season with only silence is sounding pretty good right now. 🙂 

It’s been a great learning journey so far. I am thankful to all the wonderful people I have had the privilege of exchanging with. 

Take care,


Btw, please, don’t listen to this episode ;-

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