• e65 drifting into season 3

    ‘What I’m looking for, ultimately, is an anchoring point: where are we at and what can we do to ensure the continuation of life?’ * e65 drifting into season 3 is a monologue that I recorded on September 13th 2021, in one take, while drifting in a kayak on the Preston River, Duhamel Québec, that explains what…

  • e58 huddart – the arts show us what is possible

    ‘The arts give us a shared sense of this moment and its gravity, but also what’s possible and how quickly that tipping point could be reached.’ * My #conscientpodcast conversation with Stephen Huddart about dematerialization, nature, culture, capital, supporting grassroots activity, innovation and how the arts can show us what is possible

  • e21 dufresne – capitalism is over

    Capitalism is over: we need artists, and others, to tell us what kind of vision they have for a different future