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  • e86 arts policy, equity and activism class at centennial college

    e86 arts policy, equity and activism class at centennial college

    ‘I’m interested in what we can do to both mitigate the climate emergency and adapt to it but there’s another level which is revisioning the world and maybe that’s the one that’s most interesting, because unfortunately it’s going to be rough for the foreseeable future on earth, but life will go on, with or without humans. I think humans have a place in it, but then we have to figure out how we’re going to live with much, much less resources and all the damage that’s been done and have a positive view of that. So rethinking and reauthoring the world. David Maggs wrote a really interesting paper about that. There was a paper recently by a Nigerian writer, Ben Okri. I’ll put the link in the chat. He talked about how artists must confront the climate crisis and that we must write as if these are our last days. That’s where I’m at.’ * My #conscientpodcast conversation with Robin Sokoloski, Janis Monture and their students as part of a class in Art Policy, Equity and Activism at Centennial College in Toronto. This episode includes quotes from e40 frasz, e82 washable paint, e05 carruthers, e73 judith marcuse – finding the energy to keep moving and e85 tracey friesen – narratives of resilience for a post carbon world.