• e97 chantal chagnon, kevin jesuino, melanie kloetzel – climate art web

    ‘We are missing so many voices that could be the change. Art gives us that opportunity to amplify those voices and I think it’s important that now, more than ever, that we amplify those marginalized voices, those racialized voices, those voices that are being directly affected with what’s happening around mother earth (CHANTAL CHAGNON). An…

  • e59 pearl – positive tipping points

    ‘SCALE (Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency) is a national round table for the arts and culture sector to mobilize around the climate emergency. A few months ago, you and I, and a few others were all having the same realization that while there was a lot of important work and projects happening at the…

  • e30 maggs – art and the world after this

    The arts have the capacity to sit at the heart of critical problem-solving challenges.