social-engaged arts

  • e88 robin mathews – on radical listening & political poetry

    ‘I don’t know how many people in Canada who would immediately understand what radical listening is, because it would occur to me that the listener would have to be sensitized beforehand in order to listen radically, so that the radical listening is a secondary function of becoming radicalized in a political matter or political level.…

  • e71 green sessions debrief

    ‘The Green Sessions was invented because this small group of people got together and decided we wanted to do something that created impact. I’m really interested in new and more opportunities for us to collaborate as a sector and putting people into focus and a place of knowledge on this agenda’ – Emma Stenning e71…

  • e46 badham – creating artistic space to think

    The arts are a place to ask questions, play out politics, negotiate ideas and create space for people to think through issues.