social justice

  • e97 chantal chagnon, kevin jesuino, melanie kloetzel – climate art web

    ‘We are missing so many voices that could be the change. Art gives us that opportunity to amplify those voices and I think it’s important that now, more than ever, that we amplify those marginalized voices, those racialized voices, those voices that are being directly affected with what’s happening around mother earth (CHANTAL CHAGNON). An…

  • e65 drifting into season 3

    ‘What I’m looking for, ultimately, is an anchoring point: where are we at and what can we do to ensure the continuation of life?’ * e65 drifting into season 3 is a monologue that I recorded on September 13th 2021, in one take, while drifting in a kayak on the Preston River, Duhamel Québec, that explains what…

  • e45 abbott – a compassionate, just and sustainable world

    Reality is deeply subjective but also socially constructed : as a filmmaker I try to explore reality to untangle and figure out in what ways are we being deluded.