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e73 judith marcuse – finding the energy to keep moving

Episode Summary

e73 judith marcuse – finding the energy to keep moving is my conversation with arts for social change activist and dance artist Judith Marcuse on October 24, 2021 about ‘radical listening’ and her work as executive director and founder of the International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC) and the upcoming Arts for Social Change Network

Episode Notes

Judith Marcuse, October 24, 2021, BC


Transcript of excerpt from 22 westerkamp at 19m22s of e73:

That awareness of how we form relationships through sound or how we can block them, I think, is just as important and it extends right into the ecological issues and into climate change. What are we putting out there when we listen to our cities humming away: that's energy, that's the voice of energy being overused, right? And can we just relate through our ears to what's happening out there? We can hear it. It's all there…

Judith and I on a walk by the beach in West Vancouver