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e93 anthony garoufalis-auger – national cultural climate policy

Episode Summary

My conversation with climate emergency organizer Anthony Garoufalis-Auger on Dec 10, 2021, at a CPAMO panel about art and climate where Anthony talked about our need for massive culture change and how lessons from the past can inform national cultural policy.

Episode Notes

I first met Anthony in my work with the Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency (SCALE) coordinating circle in April 2021. Since then, we have had many conversations about climate activism and art. 

Anthony is a Montreal-based climate emergency organizer and public affairs strategist. His work focuses on shifting the climate discourse in Canada from incrementalism to emergency-mode action. I had the honour of moderating the CPAMONational Cultural Policy and arts in Response to Climate Change panel with Anthony as one of the presenters on December 10, 2021 (along with Santee Smith, see episode 92 and Devon Hardy, see episode 94). Anthony shared his deep knowledge of cultural and climate policy and his passion for rapid and transformative change, notably lessons from Seth Klein’s A Good War. I’m with you in that, Anthony! 

This Anthony’s second conscient podcast episode. Our first conversation was in French, see where we talked about sacrifice, injustices, strategies, activism, youth, art, culture, climate emergency and disaster. 

This is one of 6 episodes recorded during the Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Fall 2021 | Art in the Time of Healing: The Importance of IBPOC Arts in Planetary Renewalevent from December 8 to 10, 2021 in Toronto.

The others are:

Santee Smith (see episode 92), me (from my laptop and the room), Anthony and Devon Hardy (see episode 94) at CPAMO 

National Cultural Policy and arts in Response to Climate Change

 panel, December 10, 2021